Did Kate Hudson find Matthew naked and yelling in a forest?


Well, this is definitely one of the more hilarious stories we’ve reported on today, that’s for sure. So you have Bride Wars star Kate Hudson and Dallas Buyers Club star Matthew McConaughey taking a weekend trip away with some friends to Kate’s parent’s cottage in the Canadian woods. So far, so ‘how much do we want their lives’.  Nothing unusual there, though.

That is until Matthew goes missing. Concerned for her friend’s safety given the rural surroundings, Kate ventures into the dark, eerie woods and finds the 44-year-old Texan actor butt-naked, standing on a rock and howling like an animal. First we had naked bongo’ing, now we have naked howling. Take a bow, Mr. Mc Conaughey.

Calling her friend ‘one of the most passionate and dedicated actors’ she’s ever worked with, Kate wasn’t in the least bit surprised to find Matthew naked and yelling on a cold, dark night. In fact, his behaviour confirmed for Kate that everything was A-OK with the star of recent hit show True Detective saying her immediate reaction was to think: “Ok there’s Matthew McConaughey and he’s fine. He’s totally fine.”

Maybe this little chanting interlude was rehearsal  for his role in The Wolf of Wall Street?