Did Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux secretly get married?


There has been ongoing speculation about when Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux will tie the knot, since the pair announced their engagement two years ago.

Although nothing has been confirmed just yet, Justin raised a few eyebrows at the HBO post-Emmys party last night when he showed up sporting a "big gold class ring" on his left hand, according to Us Weekly.

Onlookers immediately noticed the "gaudy" accessory, although one insider was certain that it "was clearly not a wedding band." Why so mysterious, Justin?

Rumours emerged last month that the couple had begun making plans for a wedding “right by the ocean.” Kevin Lee, the wedding planner who organised Jen’s wedding to Brad Pitt in 2000, told Radar Online that Jen was planning to have her second wedding “out of the country.” 

Jen skipped last night’s event, but apparently Justin was in flying form as he "held court at a table in the centre of the party," according to one source. "It was weird that Jen didn't come, because it seemed like Justin was having a great time catching up with friends,” said the insider.

Maybe the actress was too busy recovering from her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge earlier this week. Justin really prolonged the agony by pouring the water verrry sloooowly over poor Jen’s head. What a meanie!