Details of father’s shocking threats against singer revealed


It has been revealed that singer and The Voice star Bo Bruce received shocking threats against her reputation and career from her own father.

Details of Bo's strained relationship with her estranged father, the Earl of Cardigan, were revealed in the midst of a messy legal battle over the Earl’s estate.

The singer, who rose to fame in the 2012 series of The Voice, reportedly received emails from her father in which he threatened to “invent some untrue or nasty dirt” about her in the media.

The details of the Earl’s shocking emails were revealed yesterday in an ongoing court case in the High Court. The Earl is attempting prevent the sale of his family estate’s property to pay off debts.

This is just the latest twist in Bo’s conflict with her father. The star, who was once branded “the little scorpion” by the Earl, also obtained a restraining order against him.

A source close to Bo once gave a sad insight into her family life, saying: “The relationship between Bo and her father is so bad, it’s really beyond repair.”

Sadly, it certainly seems that way.