Despite meeting the criteria, two women denied legal terminations

A further two suicidal women were turned down for access to legal terminations last year. 

This way despite the fact that they met the criteria to access an abortion in Ireland. 

A Department of Health report released this week said that 25 women were granted legal terminations in Ireland last year, according to The Times.

Of these 25, one was suicidal. 

This follows on from last month's revelations, when it became public knowledge that another two women were denied access despite being suicidal and attempting to commit suicide multiple times. 

'Both of these women were basically told that they weren't suicidal enough,' Mara Clarke, the founder of the Abortion Support Network charity, said at the time.

According to the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act 2013, a termination can be carried out when 'there is a real and substantial risk of loss of the woman’s life by way of suicide.'