Designer faces backlash over “scary” thin model on Instagram


Many of Stella McCartney’s followers were left angry and disappointed yesterday when the designer shared an image of a model wearing one of her designs.

The photo sparked a massive outcry from her followers with people saying she was worryingly thin: “girl’s arms look scary. Shame on you Stella.”

Another follower said that the model must realise she is not healthy: “No offence to the model but you must be aware you are not healthy.”

Stella was then forced to pull the photo, replacing it with a different model in the same design before issuing an apology through her rep to The Independent: “We are a house that celebrates all shapes, all sizes, all races and all ages. We should have been more mindful… It was a quick snap done backstage that was misleading. We listened to our followers and we took it down and replaced it. We can only apologise if we offended anyone.”

Despite the replacement of the photo, followers are still unimpressed with many saying: “Considering what a huge influence stella is on young people and as the mother of a young girl I’m appalled at the previous ‘model’ pic.”