Dani Dyer is fed up with receiving harmful ‘mum-shaming’ comments

Love Island star and new mum Dani Dyer has had enough of the vile messages she’s been receiving since welcoming the birth of her first child, Santiago, six weeks ago.

While speaking on The Baby Show Live @ Home’s virtual event, the 24-year-old mum confessed, “I try never to look at comment sections because I know as soon as I click that button, I'm going to get hurt.”

The reality star then went on to talk about how she received awful body shaming messages shortly after giving birth to her son. “I'd just had Santi and I remember seeing some men had commented saying ‘Oh god, she's huge!’” Dani recalled.

“I've just had a baby for god sake leave me alone.”


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Dani then went on to mention how it isn’t just bored men who send her vile messages, but that she also receives quite a few judgemental comments from other mums too.

“You do get messages from women who aren't helpful and supportive. And they say things and you're like ‘I really don't need to hear that,’” Dani explained, when discussing the ‘mum shamers’.

Dani recalled a particular instance when she secured her baby boy into a car seat, while he was wearing a little coat, which caused her to receive an onslaught of messages from other mums who told her that her baby was going to “suffocate”.


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“I had messages from women like ‘You're gonna make him suffocate. He's gonna overheat in the car. If you have a car crash he's not gonna be safe or protected.’ I was like, ‘Oh my god, why are you even saying that to me,’” Dani explained.

After confiding in her friends though, Dani was reassured that “no one is a perfect mum.”

“It’s nice to hear that because you do get a bit lost in it and start listening to people that you’ve never met,” she confessed, adding,  “Don’t get me wrong, I love that it’s a community on Instagram.”

“Some women are so lovely and really put a smile on my face but when you’re getting negative stuff and you’re emotional it can be a bit tough.”