Dan Levy opens up about the possible Schitt’s Creek movie

Like many people in lockdown, one of my vices, means of escapism and sources of joy was my much-loved and well used Netflix account.

As I was perusing feel-good TV shows to binge and pass the time with one day, I came across the widely popular sitcom, Schitt’s Creek. And so began my obsession…

Fans of the show will know how hilariously and outrageously addictive it is. The jokes and story-lines draw you in while the character arcs and relationship developments keep you around.

After the show ended earlier this year at the end of their sixth season, many Schitt’s Creek fans were left bereft and wanting, despite the finale’s perfect ending. That’s why we couldn’t be happier to hear that the show’s creator, writer and star Dan Levy revealed that a Schitt’s Creek movie is definitely on the cards.

While speaking to E! News, Dan confessed that while he wasn’t making any concrete plans for a film just yet, he wasn’t ruling it out either. “I would love for there to be. I'm not ruling it out.”

“It's very flattering that people want to know, but I would just say generally I think you need to let the good things settle for a minute. Let people finish the show. Let people sort of take a breath.”

“And then if people are still interested and an idea comes to me and our cast is wanting to do it, then great. I'm very sort of sensitive to overstaying your welcome in any capacity. So we'll see in a few years, if it all sort of comes together.”

For those that don’t know, Schitt’s Creek follows four members of the elite Rose family, Maura, Johnny and their two spoiled grown-up children David and Alexis. After losing their multi-million dollar fortune, they’re forced to move to a small American town called Schitt’s Creek, where they must adapt to life without money and live among the townies.

The series was created by and stars father and son duo, Dan and Eugene Levy, with Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy also starring.

The critically acclaimed series set a record at this year’s Emmy Awards, for the most Emmy nominations given to a comedy series in its final season, earning 15 nominations. 

It also became the first ever comedy or drama series to sweep the four acting categories — Outstanding Lead Actor, Outstanding Lead Actress, Outstanding Supporting Actor, Outstanding Supporting Actress — and one of only four live action shows where all the principal actors have won at least one Emmy Award.

Whenever this Schitt’s Creek movie does happen, you can be sure that we’ll be waiting!