Cringe video shows Calvin Harris wasn’t always keen on Taylor Swift

Well this is awkward; so very awkward.

If the photos of them looking cosy and holding hands are anything to go by, then Calvin Harris is very much into his rumoured new girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

It appears that this wasn’t always the case, however, as some cringe-worthy interview footage has proven.

Yes, while Calvin and Taylor may be enjoying the first flourishes of romance, someone has only gone and dug up an embarrassing video of Calvin saying that Taylor is “the opposite of my type”.

Someone needs to tell Taylor to stay away from the internet this weekend!

The footage is taken from an interview Calvin gave to Capital Breakfast last November, in which he revealed who he would “swipe right” for on Tinder.

Upon hearing that Taylor was keen on him, Calvin reacted with a response that has truly come back to haunt him: “She's just the opposite of my type. She looks lovely, but she’s the opposite of my type, so I’ll just [swipe] left.”

Well, obviously something has changed Calvin’s mind since then, given how widely he was beaming on their cosy date this week.

Check out the footage below for yourself, and prepare to cringe.