Cracked it! This beauty hack for lips is one SERIOUS game-changer


If your handbag is currently groaning under the weight of countless products aimed at treating sore or cracked lips, you're no doubt in the market for a handy hack or two.

And thankfully, the good folk from the world of dermatology have delivered on that front.

According to those in the know, applying eye cream to your pout will make for a smoother and more hydrated set of lips.

And why?

Like the delicate skin around the eye, lips benefit from the ingredients in eye cream which are used to combat lines and wrinkles, and minimise dehydration.

Giving an expert insight into the hack, dermatologist, Marianna Pistilli, reveals that she practices what she preaches.

"I slather it on my undereyes and eyelids, and whatever is leftover on my finger, I put on my lips, " she explains. "Eye creams are usually very safe because they have been tested for it they get in and or near the eye."

If we can get more than one use out of any beauty product, you may consider us officially converted.