Could YOU make like Kylie, Kim and Rita and brave a latex dress?


So we're wondering; since when did fetish-associated rubber become an acceptable fabric to wear on a night out? 

While Kim has been donning the latex dress for years, more celebrities including her younger sister Kylie are taking to the daring trend and it seems that the shiny, figure-hugging latex dress is having a bit of a moment. 

While we could only dream of being able to pull one off (it's well-known that latex sticks to every lump and bump), the sheer thought of trying to squeeze ourselves into the slippery, sweaty fabric is giving us nightmares Ross from Friends could only dream of. 

But the celebs are doing and they are killing it, but seriously how easy is it to wear? 

"It’s not a breathable material," says the so-called Baroness, a New York lady who runs a latex clothing store. 

"So the moisture that your body produces all the time will accumulate."

Okay so it's sweaty, but according to the Baroness, wearing latex is ALL about the attitude. 

"People should say 'I can wear this' as opposed to ‘I can cram my fat ass into this,' " she says to Racked magazine. 

"People have a narrow conception of what [latex is] like. It’s really whatever you want.

"[If] it’s a special night, you have some champagne, you lay your clothes out, you put on the garment, you shine yourself up, you know, really enjoy it…because latex can really transform you."

Fair enough.

If you reckon you have got what it takes to pull off a latex look, there are a few options to peruse on Asos.