Could EastEnders’ live episodes be cancelled after just two days?

The #EElive week on EastEnders kicked off on Monday, with viewers hoping to finally find out who killed Lucy Beale.

However a fire on set last night meant the rest of the week's shows could have been left in jeopardy.

Last night's show finished with a live cliffhanger between Max Branning and his daughter Abi. A possible fluff in actor Jake Wood (Max)'s lines led many to believe that Abi could be behind Lucy's murder, with uncertainty over whether he was meant to say "She knows who killed Lucy" or "She knows YOU killed Lucy."

As if that ending wasn't dramatic enough, just hours later, a fire started in one of the buildings on the show's Albert Square set, causing damage to its floor and roof.

Luckily firemen were able to contain the blaze, meaning there was minimal damage to the set as a whole, and producers have assured viewers that the live shows will still go ahead.

"There was a very small fire on set on Tuesday night after rehearsals had finished. It has not affected any #EELive week plans and nobody was harmed." It's unclear how the blaze started but it was apparently contained quite quickly.

For the sake of our own sanity, we REALLY hope this week's shows go ahead as planned!

As for Max's "who/you" drama, actor Jake Wood took to Twitter to emphasise that he did indeed mean to say "you":

Oooh… the plot thickens!