Could a Hills reunion be on the cards?


It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since the hit reality show, The Hills was last on our screens and who could forget all of the drama and fall-outs.

One of the most famous fights that took place on screen was between Brody Jenner and Spencer Pratt.  But it seems that’s all water under the bridge as the two stars met up for a reunion last week.

Pratt spoke about his surprise meet up with his ex-friend and said he missed having Brody in his life.

“Brody’s an incredible friend. We all got caught up playing our Hills characters for awhile, but now that we’re back to actual reality, it’s all good. We all went out to celebrate his new podcast. He’s great, we’re great.”

It seems things are really great between Spencer and Brody as he tweeted a picture of him, Brody and his wife, Heidi Montang to his fans.

Spencer captioned the candid shot: “Amazing night @nobumalibu with the crew!”

It’s great to see that the two pals are getting along so well and maybe Lauren and Heidi could also meet and make-up, then we can get the proper Hills reunion we’ve always dreamed of! Well, we can hope.