Controversial star says she wants her old job back


Tulisa is back, and she’s raring to go.

Indeed, with a new single out, the singer has revealed that she is finally ready to put her legal troubles behind her and get back to what she loves best – music.

Speaking on Radio 1, the 26-year-old revealed that the past few difficult months have made her stronger than ever.

“I appreciate the good times now. Life is a rollercoaster – the lower you go, the higher you bounce back,” she said, adding, “People expect me to be bitter, but you just need to move forward.”

And Cheryl and Mel B may want to watch their backs, because the former N-Dubz star also has her eyes on her old X Factor job!

The Young singer revealed: “I would do X Factor full-time again. With the years I didn’t do it, I found myself – I had my enlightenment year. And now it’s something I could go back to and really enjoy.”

Are you listening, Simon Cowell?