Congrats! Amy Huberman has some GREAT news for her fans


Congrats are in order for Amy Huberman, she's just landed her next movie!

According to The Irish Sun, the mum-of-two has signed up for a role in ZOO.

ZOO is based on the true story of a Belfast girl named Denise Austin who saved an elephant's life during the bombings of 1941.

Denise was one of the first female zoo-keepers in Belfast at the time, which made her take action after RUC officers shot dead 23 animals incase they would escape during the time of the fighting.


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However, she wouldn't let them shoot the elephant, Sheila, so Denise would bring her home and keep her in her garden before walking the animal back to the zoo each morning.

Amy will join a deadly cast, including Game of Thrones stars Art Parkinson and Ian McElhinney and Ian O’Reilly from Moone Boy.