#Confusion: WHAT is going on in this Kim Kardashian advert?!


Kim Kardashian West stars in a new short film commercial for Hype energy drinks… and honestly, we're not entirely sure what's going on. 

The advert begins with Kim cycling around in an Audrey Hepburn inspired fringe and high ponytail. Instead of looking at the road while cycling Kim was staring straight at the camera which causes her to fall off the bike and drop the cans of Hype.

Nothing about this video screams energy drink as Kim is lying on the ground out cold and she slips into a day dream, dressed in a Marie Antoinette inspired outfit. 

While in the dream, after a few uncomfortable close-ups of her boobs, Kim awakes from her slumber and drinks some Hype while elegantly dressed wearing a blonde wig. 

For what seems like an eternity, there are shots of Kim in her 18th-century get-up sipping on the advertised drink and staring into the camera.

She eventually wakes up with her huge fringe once again and walks her bike away after giving us a close-up of her huge engagement ring.