Cinderella actress blasted over ‘racist’ Instagram post


Lily James has upset many of her fans with a recent Instagram post that has been branded as ‘racist’.

The post saw Lily, who is currently doing promotional events for the Disney movie in Japan, posing in a dusty pink gown with the caption: “’Shinderera’ premiere in Toyko. The final stop on our tour and it was a beautiful cold night, thank you!”

‘Shinderera’ is being widely reportedly as the Romanised spelling of ‘Cinderella’ with this being what Lily was likely referring to, however not everybody saw it that way.

Lily’s ‘Shinderera’ reference was also branded as a joke of bad taste that backfired.

This isn’t the first piece of controversy Lily has been met with since the release of the movie, with many fans blasting the size of her waist which many believed to be CGI.