CIÉ seeks young Transport Trailblazers to reimagine Ireland’s public transport

Today Córas Iompair Éireann (CIÉ), Ireland's largest public transport provider, launches the search for young people to join a new Youth Board; Transport Trailblazers. Working closely with key Stakeholders such as the National Transport Authority and the Department of Transport, CIÉ has a vision to transform Ireland’s public transport system into a powerful force for positive environmental, social and economic change. To help deliver on this vision, CIÉ is seeking to formally bring the voice of young people into its decision-making process.

CIÉ is looking for fifteen enthusiastic, motivated, open-minded and forward-thinking young people, aged 18-25 years, from all backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, skill sets and locations around Ireland, who use Ireland’s public transport system and have a passion and interest in collaborating to help reimagine Ireland’s public transport system – for the benefit of all people and the planet, in the short and long-term.

The Youth Board will act as an advisory board. It will have a consultative role providing insights, feedback and suggestions to guide CIÉ. It will address some key challenges and opportunities faced by CIÉ Group – from sharing thoughts on current and future operational issues to reimagining how to encourage the public at large to move from private to public transport.

The Transport Trailblazers will have the opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills; cultivate sustainability knowledge, and enjoy feeling empowered, knowing their contributions are valued in the decision-making process. During their two year board tenure, they will be asked to attend quarterly in-person meetings and occasional ad-hoc online meetings; to participate in training; and to share their point of view with CIÉ Group and its operating companies. CIÉ is committing to offer onboarding, training and mentorship to the Youth Board. As part of the value exchange, CIÉ will also offer a travel concession giving Youth Board members unlimited free public transport across CIÉ platforms during their two year tenure – for average commuters this represents an annual value of €1,000 plus.

Fiona Ross, Chairperson, CIÉ Board, who is spearheading the project said: “At CIÉ we are on a journey to transform Ireland’s public transport system. It was Kofi Annan that said ‘you are never too young to lead and never too old to learn’. I think his words are both inspiring and true. We want to be better at CIÉ and we believe that having the perspective of young people, through a Youth Board informing our decision-making, will make us better as an organisation and deliver better outcomes for Ireland. We want to engage a diverse group of young people – creative, forward-thinking, ambitious young people – to collaborate with us to evolve and grow Ireland’s public transport system, future-proofing CIÉ. This is a unique opportunity for young people to help shape a more sustainable future.”

The establishment of the CIÉ Youth Board sees CIÉ collaborate with THINKHOUSE, experts in youth communication & engagement.

If you or someone you know wants to shape the future by reimagining the future of Ireland’s public transport system, and become a Transport Trailblazer, apply today: HERE The closing date for applications is May 31st 2024. More information is available on