Cian Twomey just dealt with a troll in the BEST possible way

Internet funny man, Cian Twomey, has gained quite a significant social media following thanks to his short sketches and overexaggerated impressions of his girlfriend, but it looks like not everyone is a fan.

The cork native is regularly bombarded with negative feedback, however it seems one troll just took it a step too far.

On Tuesday night, Cian posted a screenshot of messages he had received from someone by the name of Kevin.

The messages used vulgar language, were highly insensitive and even made reference to Cian's late father.

Now, while unacceptable at any age, this type of behaviour would be expected from teenager, but as it turns out, these messages came form a 45-year-old man.

Cian explained on his official Facebook page: “I thought it was a kid. Turns out it's a 45 year old man.”

Not content with just responding to the messages directly, Cian did “what any other person would do” – he told Kevin's mother.


He finished the post by saying: "Don't mess with me big boy, I'll go telling on you whether you're 12 or 45."

So, basically, unless you want to deal with the wrath of an angry Irish mammy, don't mess with Cian Twomey.