Christina Perri suffers pregnancy loss in third trimester

Singer-songwriter Christina Perri announced last night that she suffered a pregnancy loss, after her baby girl was “born silent”.

The 34-year-old made the announcement on Tuesday night, writing, “Last night we lost our baby girl. She was born silent after fighting so hard to make it to our world.”

“She is at peace now and will live forever in our hearts,” she added, alongside a moving image taken from Christina’s hospital bed, of Christina and her husband Paul Costabile’s fingers clutching onto their daughter’s tiny hand.

In recent weeks, Christina had been hospitalised in her third trimester, due to pregnancy complications, and she suspected that her baby girl would be born earlier than planned. 

The Jar of Hearts singer kept her fans updated on her Instagram stories, saying, “Baby is having an issue, so I'm gonna be here till it's time for baby to come out. Which might have to be very soon. Which is very early.”

“Please send some love from your heart to the little heart beating in me that we all make it through this,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories last Tuesday.

Following Christina’s devastating announcement last night, there has been an outpour of messages of love and support for the singer and her family during this tragic time.

Christina and Paul already share a two-year-old daughter named Carmella Stanley. However, the couple also suffered from a heartbreaking miscarriage last January. 

At the time, Christina said, “We are shocked & completely heartbroken.”

“I want to continue to help change the story & stigma around miscarriage, secrecy and shame. I am so sad but not ashamed. I am ever reminded how amazing and powerful women are at making life and at healing. To all the mothers who have been here and who will be here, I see you and I love you.”

“When the time feels right we will try again, but today, we mourn our little life lost,” she wrote in her moving social media post.