Cheryl’s angry reaction to being called ‘Cheryl Cole’


If you ever happen to run into Cheryl, we would steer clear of calling her Cheryl Cole…

The X Factor judge changed her name following her marriage during the summer, and is now personally and professionally known as Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.

Unfortunately, one innocent employee over at The X Factor made the mistake of forgetting this – and was pulled up on it by Cheryl herself.

Annoyed that warm-up act Ian Royce introduced her to the audience as Cheryl Cole on Sunday night, the singer reportedly blasted Ian as ignorant and stated: “that’s not my name.”

Sinitta later addressed the awkward issue, saying: “Do not use the C-word in this building. The four letter C word. C.O.L.E.”

Poor Ian then revealed that he was getting hassle from Cheryl’s fans on Twitter, writing: “I’m getting destroyed on twitter by the @CherylOfficial fans … I got the name wrong … I apologised. Let’s all move on.. *Twerks*”

He also apologised to Cheryl's husband, Jean Bernard, tweeting: "I embarrassed the husband (JB) of @CherylOfficial a man I like very much and for that I am truly sorry … Me and my big mouth."

Cheryl was married to Ashley Cole from 2006 until their split in 2010.

Cheryl continued to use the name Cole professionally until this summer, so surely it is understandable somebody would make a mistake and there is no need for such an angry reaction!