Cheryl finally reveals the real cost of that giant tattoo!


It might be almost a year since Cheryl’s tattooed backside was revealed to the world, but its only now, that Cheryl has decided to finally explain the reasoning behind her getting that giant floral tat.

Cheryl explained to chat show host Graham Norton, that after falling seriously ill with malaria she created her own version of a bucket list, in which getting the unusual floral tattoo was at the top of it

“After I had malaria I created a ‘f*** it list’ because life’s too short and the tattoo was on the list.”

But what shocked us most was how much the tattoo actually cost, as the X Factor judge revealed that it cost the same amount as a “small car”.

“He’s an exceptional artist and he was worth it… It was in the £1000s, probably the cost of a small car.”

While we’re all for living in the moment, we’re not sure we would want to spend that much on a tattoo!