Cheese, burritos and UNICORNS: We’re finally getting new emojis


Forget the iPhone 6s and the iPad Pro, there's another new development in tech-land that has us super excited.

Apple's iOS 9.1 update launches sometime later this year, and it will include a heap of new emojis.

Here's what seems to be the full collection, though no doubt there are a few that escaped the notice of the eager developers who got to try out iOS 9.1 in beta today.

Glam types will be pleased to know that champagne and cheese now feature, while animal-lovers will enjoy the lion, crab and squirrel additions.

And like any emoji keyboard, it also includes a tonne of totally random bits and bobs, like unicorns, squash rackets and microscopes.

Pretty much every category has had a few new symbols added, so there will be a lot to keep you entertained once the new update drops.

The new update is expected to launch shortly after the iPhone 6s is relelased, so we can hopefuly be firing burrito emojis back and forth by the end of the year.