Check out what’s on in the cinema this weekend!

Heading to the cinema over the bank holiday weekend? Here's what's new in for you to check out…

Far From The Madding Crowd
A (possibly now pregnant) Carey Mulligan stars in this adaptation of Thomas Hardy's 1874 literary classic. The English actress plays the headstrong, independent Bathsheba who attracts three very different love interests – sheep farmer Gabriel Oak (Matthias Schoenaerts), the charming but reckless Frank Troy (Tom Sturridge), and the steady and prosperous William Boldwood (Michael Sheen). If you're looking for an empowering female film, you can't go too wrong with this.


​A horror film sure to put the fear of God in anyone who's ever used social media. Six high school friends receive a Skype message from a classmate who committed suicide a year ago after someone uploaded a video of her online. Now it seems the friends themselves will have to suffer as revenge.


Get Up and Go
Love Hate's Peter Coonan and Killian Scott star in this Irish-made film about a pair of friends whose lives haven't turned out quite as they expected. Alex (Coonan) has just learnt that his girlfriend is pregnant and plans to take the boat to England, while Colin (Scott) is a comedian who could be on the brink of his big break, if only things go to plan.