Charlotte Crosby has a warning for Gary Beadle’s girlfriend


Charlotte Crosby has said that Gary Beadle will definitely cheat on new girlfriend, Lillie Lexie Gregg.

The Geordie Shore cast member has admitted to the Daily Star: "Will he cheat on her? Definitely, 100 per cent. I don't believe Gary will ever change. I feel sad for Lillie. She is lovely."

She went on to say: "But everyone in the house – and fans – are waiting for him to slip up. He can't help himself."

Charlotte and Gary had an on-off romance since the beginning of Geordie Shore and Charlotte is seen in this series getting upset as he tells her they are completely finished.

She continued: "I think Lillie is a really lovely girl and while I wish I could say she's a total bitch, I can't. There is not a bad bone in her body."

"Lillie coming into the house was a big thing for me. I felt like all eyes were on me and all the press was on how I would react. Everyone made such a huge deal about it. I didn't want to look like a mug because I wasn't the person that he chose. I felt sick in the run-up to it. But it was fine," she explained.

Gary has previously confessed how he has slept with thousands of women but has been in a relationship with model and designer, Lillie, for over six months.

Charlotte is back with Mitch Jenkins after splitting in August 2014.