Celebrity couple are back together after heartbreaking split!


Corrie star Brooke Vincent well and truly put those Niall Horan romance rumours to bed by getting back with her ex!

Brooke and footballer beau Josh McEachran have rekindled their relationship after a three-month split and friends are crossing fingers it’s for good this time!

Josh apparently made the move to win back Brooke, who’s been getting over their break-up by partying in Ibiza over the summer with pal Michelle Keegan.

The couple met up again at the funeral of good friend Jordan Tabor who fell from a balcony while on holiday in Turkey. ­

Afterwards, Brooke tweeted, “Words can’t describe. Rest in Peace. Days like this put everything into ­perspective. Life is too short.”

The pair first got together three years ago after meeting through another ­mutual pal, Reece Brown, brother of former Manchester United player Wes.

Brooke previously gushed about her beau saying, “We click. He gets me. I’m dead loud and he’s so much ­quieter and reserved. I said to him, ‘I bet when I came into your life, it was like a whirlwind.’ He said, ‘Yeah, and you haven’t stopped talking for two and a half years’.”

According to pals, the pair have been miserable apart.  Awwwww…we hope these two can work it all out!