CBB forced to cut shocking scenes deemed highly inappropriate

It has been reported that bosses over at Celebrity Big Brother made the decision to cut scenes they deemed too explicit to air last night. 

According to The Sun, the scene features Perez Hilton getting into yet another fight with Katie Hopkins which allegedly led to him saying: “lick it good, suck this d**k just like you should.”


The decision to cut the scene was made as it was felt it would lead to backlash for the show which has been under scrutiny over the past few weeks.

Many people have been defending Katie Price after she came to blows with Katie Hopkins over the welfare of her son, Harvey. Harvey suffers from a number of disabilities and Katie Price told how she uses government funds in her care for him, as it would simply be too expensive otherwise.

This did not go down well with Katie Hopkins who claimed she should be paying for it herself as she can afford it.

It doesn’t look as if the drama is set to stop in the house anytime soon – that’s for sure!