Cast of The Hunger Games back on set after actor’s death


Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth returned to filming yesterday for the first time since Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death at the weekend.

Jennifer looked sombre as she entered the set, having earlier expressed her sadness over her co-star’s sudden death, calling him “such an incredible actor”.

Hollywood waits for no man and the cast had to return to finish shooting the final installment of The Hunger Games, which will be split into two parts – Mockingjay Part 1 and 2.

Reports say Hoffman, who plays Plutarch, had only one scene left to shoot in the franchise and it appears to be an incredibly emotional and poignant scene for both his character and Jennifer’s Katniss.

While his death won’t affect release dates, a film exec has said some work will need to be done to cover up the missing scene.

However, that same exec assures fans they have a lot to look forward to in Hoffman’s scenes: “His performances in both [remaining] movies will be up to the best of his craft. We feel it will be a good tribute to him.”