Carol Vorderman gets real & honest about her struggles with menopause

By Emma Costello


Carol Vorderman has sparked a candid conversation about her personal struggles with the menopause.

The 61-year-old TV presenter appeared on This Morning in Cardiff as part of the show’s ‘Menopause Bus’ campaign, which has been designed to encourage open discussions and to promote help for women going through the menopausal stages.

During the conversation, Carol explained when her menopausal symptoms began. “I started probably in my early 50s. I didn’t have night sweats or anything like that.”

However, Carol soon began to notice a change within herself. “I started feeling anxious, I’ve never felt anxious in my life,” she admitted. “I run companies, I do all sorts of different things, and I started feeling anxious even about what trousers I was going to wear, was I going to have a tea or a coffee.”

Carol then went on to reveal that her menopausal symptoms quickly took a dark turn, leading her to fall into a “deep depression”. “I felt suicidal at times, for many months,” she spoke candidly. 

Carol explained that seeking help and treatment quickly turned her life around. “I kept a note of when my periods started in my electronic calendar, and it helped me analyse that. I started on a bespoke HRT and within 48 hours, literally within two days, I felt back to normal and I’ve never had a symptom since.”

Taking to her Instagram page after the show, Carol continued to boost her message to menopausal women, encouraging them to ask for help if they need it. “We were inundated with women coming to the bus to talk about their issues and the more we speak about it the better and stronger we will become together”, she wrote.

Carol also promotes women’s health through her role as an ambassador for Wellbeing Of Women, a charity which is currently raising awareness for women in the workplace struggling with the menopause.