Career change! McFly’s Dougie lands a SUPERHERO movie role


It looks like Dougie Poynter is hanging up his boyband boots to become a… superhero!

Dougie confirmed the news this morning that he will be playing a character called Hale in an upcoming sci-fi short film, The Academy.

The McFly star took to Twitter today to say: "Stoked to join the cast of this awesome movie titled The Academy written and directed by Nick Blair!"

He also shared a picture on Instagram of what looks like a piece of the film's storyboard.


Hale #soon

A photo posted by Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) on

This isn't the first time Dougie has been on the big screen though. We're sure many fans remember McFly's stint in Just My Luck, which starred Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine.

Let's hope his superhero role works out better!