Campaign to open our eyes and see beauty ideas for what they really are


With so many images telling us that we are too fat, too thin, too tall or too short, having a positive body image can be nearly impossible.

Not a day goes by without a celeb being berated for not wearing make-up or for not looking their absolute best.  Not surprisingly, body shaming and hatred is rife among young people, but Robin Rice wants to change that. The creator of Be Who You Are Productions, Inc. – an organisation dedicated to bringing about social change – has launched a new campaign, #StopTheBeautyMadness.

The campaign is aimed at all women and through a series of 25 advertisement images, Robin want us to look at beauty ideas for what they really are: “It’s about strong words that reveal the ideas that need to be seen for what they are. It is not always pretty to see what is hidden deep in our psyche (or even just slightly under the surface), but it is important to see it clearly so that we may call it out and change it.”

Robin wants to create a new world where “beauty is defined by whole-self qualities, not eye-to-nose and bust-to-waist-to-hip ratios.”

Will you be trying to #StopTheBeautyMadness?