YouTube fan? This famous AF youtuber is on the Late Late Show

YouTubers have blown up over the past decade, and what began as a few people making videos in their bedrooms has become a world wide phenomenon.

Some YouTubers have garnered millions of followers, and this week's Late Late Show guest is no exception.


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Oli White is one of the most popular YouTube sensations right now, and the 22-year-old will be sitting down with Ryan to discuss his online career.

The teen has collaborated with fellow Youtubers, who he considers to be his mates, such as Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee.

The UK native has managed to turn making YouTube clips into a very successful career.


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The internet star will be joined by property expert Richard Curran, 

Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick and Dr Ciara Kelly, who will be chatting about botox and her personal weight loss journey. 

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