Bruce Jenner opens up about gender change in new series

Bruce Jenner's image has been the subject of intense speculation for months, with more and more reports emerging that he is transitioning to life as a woman.

Now it has been revealed that the KUWTK father will discuss his personal journey on a new docuseries which is currently being filmed.

The star is working with E! to create a new show, which according to TMZ will include interaction with his children, stepchildren and ex-wife Kris Jenner.

The news comes just days after Kim Kardashian spoke openly about the fact that she and her family "support Bruce one hundred percent". However a source close to the new E! show has said that Kris Jenner "lost it" when her ex-husband finally told her about his wish to live life as a woman. 

The show is described as "a very personal look from Bruce's vantage point of the process of changing."

No doubt Bruce will welcome the chance to voice his own opinions and feelings rather than allowing the media to speculate further. Earlier this month the 65-year-old was seen looking distressed and close to tears after US magazine InTouch published a Photoshopped cover showing his face superimposed onto that of a female actress, along with unfounded information about his gender change.

The former Olympian will also appear on the tenth series of KUWTK which airs this spring.