Brilliant news for grilled cheese lovers out there!

Nothing beats a toasted cheese sandwich.

However, one of the disadvantages of having a grilled cheese sandwich, is that you have to eat it fresh. We all know what happens if your toasted sandwich has been sitting for more than a few minutes: it transforms from a melted cheesy dream into a cold lump.

Thankfully, a restaurant in San Francisco has come up with a solution to our grilled cheese woes. The Melt’s Smart Box!

The Melt’s amazing app enables you to pre-order your sandwich, and their Smart Box ensures it arrives to you as fresh as it came out of the toaster.

The Smart Box is an actual invention of NASA and VP of Operations, Greg Hernandez, explained how they came up with the idea: “What we realized is that if you maintained the temperature, and you had even airflow, and a way to get some of the moisture out of the product as it sat in the box, that it can hold a Melt for over 20 minutes and still meet temperature, moisture, and crispness guidelines.”

Sad thing about this genius invention, it’s only available Stateside, but fingers crossed it will arrive to our Irish shores soon.