Bridget and Eamon MOVIE?! Jen Zamparelli talks big screen move


After a major success on the small screen, Jennifer Zamparelli thinks it might be time to move Bridget and Eamon to the big screen.

Speaking to, the mum-of-one said making a movie would make sense since the Republic of Telly spin-off was such a hit with the nation.

“Yeah, I think it could be a film. I think because we’ve written a series, we could write a film.

“It’s less minutes to write. Who knows what’s going to happen? It’s looking very positive for  Bridget and Eamon, we had great feedback," she said.

“The ratings were fantastic. It exceeded our expectations, we didn’t expect it to do so well. Hopefully it will come back.”

We'd LOVE to see the comedy show being made into a movie, but we'd also totally settle for a second season of the show too!