Boyfriend of pregnant actress sends naked photo to co-star


Jacqueline Jossa, who plays Lauren Branning in EastEnders, took the high road today after it emerged her boyfriend and star of TOWIE, Dan Osborne, sent naked photos of himself to a co-star.
Refusing to feed into the scandal and address the reports this morning, she merely tweeted an upbeat  “Well…Baby is awake!! #Bump.” 

The father of Jacqueline's baby is alleged to have sent an intimate photo of himself to Georgia Kousoulou which was then discussed in last night's episode of the Bafta-award winning show. Commenting on the photo, TOWIE star Lydia Bright suggested; “Dan obviously does have feelings for you [Georgia], for him to send you a picture of his schlong.” Not really the most romantic of gestures, Lydia.

While Jacqueline has yet to comment on the revelations, Dan on the other hand thinks that people are blowing it out of proportion.

Really, Dan? You sent the photo despite having a pregnant girlfriend and the recipient of said photo insists she “doesn't like sexual banter…like the picture."

Hmm, a few things to consider there…

Dan and the EastEnders beauty are expecting their first child next year. 

Hopefully Jacqueline will be okay after these recent revelations.