Boy George steps out with blood and bruises on his face


Boy George stepped out on the red carpet at the BRIT Awards sporting what looked like bruises and blood above his left eye.

However, while he may have looked like he had been in a fight, the Karma Chameleon singer had actually put on the strange make-up himself. Explaining the look to Vogue magazine, the 54-year-old said, “I’m a fashion victim”.

The British singer shared a picture on Twitter of him heading to the awards ceremony and captioned it, “Rockin’,” clearly implying that he was going for the rocker look.

Last year, the Do You Really Want  to Hurt Me hitmaker had a bit of a spat with One Direction member Liam Payne after he accused Liam of snubbing his 13-year-old niece. He tweeted: “Top marks to Harry Styles for stopping for a picture with my niece and Bo**ox’s to Liam and the disrespectful w**ker of a minder!”

However, Liam did not let it go without defending himself and tweeted back: “@BoyGeorge now now boy lets not tell porkies. Firstly thanks for getting my name wrong three times, then asking me where is liam?…awkward. Then when you finally got it right saying you wanted Niall instead.”

Thankfully the night went off without any problems between the pair and neither ended up with real bruises.