Book to movie adaptations that nailed it.


You know the sense of satisfaction you get from finishing a really good book? And you know when that amazing story and those fabulous characters are RUINED by the movie industry? Yeah, that really sucks, but what about the times they got it right? Oh, so very right?!

Let's celebrate three specific occasions when the book worm and the movie buff BOTH won.

Bridget Jones Diary
Helen Fielding’s 1996 novel, Bridget Jones Diary, tapped into the trials and tribulations faced by single women everywhere and resonated with girls across the globe. We felt like we knew Bridget. Hell, sometimes we felt like we WERE Bridget.

Then there was talk of a movie release and we worried that no one would be able to do our beloved Bridget justice on the silver screen. How wrong were we? Renee Zellweger absolutely NAILED it. She was everything we knew Bridget to be and we wanted to sing ‘All By Myself’ with her, in our jammies, from now until the end of time.

The Fault in our Stars
The book, written by John Green and published in 2012, was a runaway success and touched the hearts of everyone who read it. In fairness, who wouldn’t be moved by Augustus and Hazel’s story of love, bravery and adversity?  No one, that’s who.

It came as no surprise to learn that the Fault in our Stars was being turned into a major motion picture. At first, we were sceptical. Did we even have any tears left? Turns out yes, yes we did. In fact we had more tears than we ever thought possible and that's always fun to find out in a crowded cinema, right? Always. Okay? Okay.

Lord of the Rings
You needed sub-human strength to even lift this whopper of a novel by JRR Tolkien, but once your muscles adjusted to the change, my God was it worth it! This was actually one of those books that you thought should DEFINITELY hit the silver screen. Imagine the action, the colours, the excitement!

So in 2001, they did it. And it was everything everyone could have wanted. The end.