Bono’s daughter makes shocking admission!


You’d think that having a rock-star dad would fill you with envy of their singing abilities, but Eve Hewson is DE-lighted she can’t sing like her dad!

The 23-year-old actress said: “Thank God, I can’t sing because that would be a lot of pressure. It’s nice doing something that’s my own passion.”

Instead, Eve has her heart set on Broadway, and working with the likes of playwright Martin McDonagh:

“I love New York and theatre. I love Martin McDonagh. If he’s doing a movie or a play, I want to be involved with it.”

We can’t imagine Eve will have a hard time making contact with Martin McDonagh, Bono is sure to have a few contacts that will come in handy for her career! Not that she needs her dad’s help – the young star is already in a list by Variety magazine of the top ten actors to watch out for in 2014, and she was even on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!

With that kind of success at 23-years-old, who cares if you can sing?!