Bono’s daughter Eve reveals her shady past with Justin Timberlake!

Eve Hewson, daughter of U2 rocker Bono, appeared on the Tonight Show yesterday with Jimmy Fallon.

The actress was there to promote her new TV show, The Knick, but she also confessed some secrets from her childhood.

Eve admitted herself and her best pal had once hunted down Bono’s contact list on the home computer. They then proceeded to do what any regular 11-year-old girls would do in that situation – call Justin Timberlake!

“We might have stolen some numbers and pranked your boyfriend Justin Timberlake,” Eve joked to Jimmy.

Although JT wasn’t the only celeb the girls called, he was the only one patient enough to stay on the line… though that might have been down to his competitive nature! “We asked him general knowledge questions from the back of a cereal box,” Eve said, adding, “He was getting the answers right, which is why he didn’t hang up.” Any chance of passing his number on to us, Eve?

Despite her dubious prank-calling past, Eve has been welcomed with open arms in Hollywood. Almost 2 million views tuned in to watch the opening episode of The Knick, which aired in the US last weekend.

Watch a clip of Eve’s Tonight Show appearance below: