Bob Geldof discusses daughter Peaches’ death


Peaches Geldof's death last April at just 25 years of age shocked us all.

The devoted mum-of-two was a successful writer and model who tragically, like her mother Paula Yates, succumbed to a heroin addiction.

Speaking to the BBC, her father, Bob Geldof addressed the impact that fame and media intrusion may have had on his beloved daughter. “We're not- whatever they're called- the Kardashians or the Osbournes or stuff like that-…We never meant to make a circus of ourselves.”

Peaches, who married Thomas Cohen in 2012, appeared to promote positive family values and doted on her two sons, Astala and Phaedra, but was dogged by rumours and reports of past drug use. Her heartbroken father reveals: “She had a frantic mind, bouncing off her own internal walls, could never be still, which is of course why you look for something to sedate you, I suppose.”

The 63-year-old father-of-four insists that Peaches knew what she wanted out of life, but like many young women struggled with various insecurities and demons. “She understood what life was supposed to be and she was trying very hard to get there.”