Bill Murray terminates interview with David Letterman


Much loved actor Bill Murray was being interviewed by David Letterman this week when he suddenly thought 'enough is enough' and abruptly exited the famous Ed Sullivan theatre.

The sixty-four-year old star clearly didn't feel the interview with veteran chat show host, David, should interrupt his training for upcoming New York City marathon. Asking David: “Can you handle things? I should really get a run in”, Bill decided to bolt from the studios and dash through Manhattan's crowded streets in a tuxedo, much to the delight of bemused onlookers.

The Lost in Translation star, famous as much for his eccentric behaviour as his film roles, stole a pretzel and some water on his run (The man has to stay fuelled and hydrated, right?) before returning to the set of the late night talk show wrapped in an aluminium blanket. Surely only Bill Murray could get away with that.

Although considering some of Bill's other antics, including karaoking with complete strangers he met in a New York bar and randomly joining a game of kickball he encountered on Roosevelt Island, maybe a brisk run to prepare for a marathon is one of his more normal!