BFFs Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are going to play on tour together

There's no doubt that Demi Lovato is TOTALLY killing the music scene right now. But if there's one person doing just as well, it's her Disney BFF Nick Jonas

The two former Disney stars are on every radio station and lately have been turning out hit after hit. So it's only understandable that Demi would want Nick to join her on her upcoming world tour. 

While Adam Lambert had originally been scheduled to be Demi's opening act, there was a switch up and Nick has now secured the opening act spot. 

The goods news is, there is no beef between Adam and Demi as they blamed the switch up to "complex" business negotiations. Adam even tweeted out his support for the duo:

No dates on Demi's tour have been released yet but with two Disney stars back on the stage together, the possibilities of duets are endless! Camp Rock reunion anyone?