Between the sheets: the best times of the day to have sex!

Did you know that having sex at certain times of the day could benefit your wellbeing as well as your sex life? We’re not suggesting you draw up a timetable or anything (unless you really want to) but it’s certainly worth keeping these tips in mind!

Here’s our list of the best times to get steamy with your partner… take note!

1. After a heavy gym session
Blood flow around our body increases during exercise, making CERTAIN parts of the body more sensitive… so expect a killer orgasm during post-workout sex. Exercise also boosts our levels of testosterone – the sex hormone – meaning you’ll be overcome with desire. Sounds like a win-win situation!

2. In the mornings
Okay, it might mean setting the alarm clock for a little earlier (or missing the bus), but morning sex is totally worth it! Your energy is higher when you wake up, meaning you’ll both be on top form. All those endorphins mean you’ll be in a great mood for the rest of the day too.

3. After a stressful day
Affection of any kind, even a hug, can really improve your mood. That, combined with the increase in oxytocin after sex, will leave you feeling happy and relaxed. Great sex is also the perfect way to relieve tension, so get to it!

4. When you’re feeling run down
We agree that you’re hardly feeling at your sexual peak when you’re harbouring a cold, but research shows that sex can be a great immune booster. Worth a try, and it’s way more fun than taking Vitamin C supplements…

5. When you’ve got the jitters
If you’re feeling nervous before a big meeting in work or a stressful college exam, get rid of those butterflies with some great sex. Having fun in the bedroom can calm nerves and reduce stress levels so you’ll be good to go.

6. In the middle of your menstrual cycle
On day 14 of your cycle (around a week after your period ends), your clitoris becomes engorged more easily. In layman’s terms, you’re more likely to have an amazing orgasm. Sounds good to us!

7. After an argument
Ah, the classic: make-up sex. The main reason we’re more likely to have mind-blowing sex after an argument is “arousal transfer.” When our brain is stimulated by one thing (arguing), it’s more easily stimulated by something else afterwards. Well, whatever the science behind it, it definitely works!