Benedict Cumberbatch was afraid Sherlock would be “cheap and cheesy”


Everybody’s favourite detective show, Sherlock, might have had a different leading man.

During a new event hosted by BAFTA, which allows actors to speak at length about their careers, Benedict Cumberbatch opened up about his role as Sherlock Holmes.

Speaking about his thoughts before reading the script, the actor said: “I heard about it and thought that sounds like an idea to reinfranchise something to make money. It could be a bit cheap and cheesy.”

However, upon reading the script and hearing who was involved, he swiftly changed his mind: “Then I found out who was involved and I realised it wouldn’t be cheap and cheesy … I thought I would read it and then I fell in love with it.”

We are so, so glad you didn’t pass up the opportunity, Benedict; can you imagine anyone else as Sherlock? We can’t!