Beauty Blogger of the Week: Lauren Marie


This week’s beauty blogger of the week is the fabulous Lauren, the face behind beauty site Make Up By Lauren Marie.

Freelance make-up artist and self-confessed cosmetic addict, Lauren, has her finger on the pulse and knows what’s what in the world of make-up and beauty.

We caught with this lovely lady to chat about the contents of her own beauty bag as well as getting a sneak peek into her must-haves and schooled on her top tips!

1. What is your best budget beauty buy?

My favourite beauty buy at the moment are the new NYC BB Beautifying Blushable Cream Sticks. These are little tubes of cream blush that go on super smooth, but have a powder finish, so they stick around all day. They are under €4 and I cannot get enough of them. My favourite shade is 'Never Sleeping Pink' which is a vibrant pink-coral that I think would look amazing in the hotter months….which I know is a rare sight in Ireland.

 2. What is your top make-up tip?

My biggest one is to always wear sunscreen, seems like such a simple tip, but you would be surprised how many of us skip this step in our beauty regime. I have acne prone skin and wearing sunscreen everyday has helped my acne scarring massively. Also the other benefits are that the skin is protected from the sun’s rays which means younger looking skin, which is what we all want right? Other than that I always say get your foundation or base right and you’re good to go!

3. Most girls have a much-loved lipstick – what's yours?

This is a tough question as I am a self-confessed lipaholic! Narrowing a favourite down to just one is like trying to pick your favourite child- OK, slightly dramatic!-  but I would have to choose Mac Syrup, this is a lipstick that I think every girl should own. It’s a muted mauve shade that is so flattering and so easy to wear, which makes it a perfect everyday colour. The formula is really nice and moisturising and I just love everything about that lipstick.

 4. What was your very first perfume and what are you currently wearing?

My very first perfume was Ralph by Ralph Lauren. It was in this small blue bottle. I remember receiving it for Christmas off my parents and feeling so grown up wearing it. At the moment I am wearing Lancome La Vie Est Belle and Giorgio Armani Si and for a budget buy I love Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted.

 5. You're only allowed to use three make-up products for the rest of your life… what are they?

This would have to be Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer as it covers everything and looks super natural. As I have super straight lashes I would need a mascara and it would need to be waterproof so Maybelline Big Eyes or Falsies would be my pick and of course as a lip addict I would need a lipstick, so something bright and bold to make up for the lack of other make-up on my face!

To hear more from Lauren, be sure to check out her wonderful blog now! You can also follow Lauren on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!