20 things you could give up for Lent

Rather than give up the usual chocolate or ice cream for Lent, we’ve come up with a list of annoying habits we could all do with putting an end to.

1. Eating smelly food on the bus/train/luas

2. Saying “never again” after a night out

3. Repeating the phrase “I’m dyyyyying” at least 60 times after a night out

4. Pressing snooze again and again and again…and once more

5. Watching The Jeremy Kyle Show

6. Secretly loving Joe Duffy’s Liveline

7. Listening to Liveline

8. Not realising that people know when you look at their LinkedIn profiles

9. Reading the Daily Mail

10. Pointing out mistakes on the Daily Mail

11. Facebook creepin’

12. Secretly fancying Ryan Tubridy…wait, sorry, we meant Gosling. Swear. 

13. Writing articles about Ryan Gosling (never!) 

14. Eavesdropping on the table next to you at the restaurant

15. Going into Penney’s to buy hair clips and coming out with 4 massive paper bags. Oops. 

16. Instgramming every single thing you eat

17. Googling yourself

18. “Socially” smoking

19. Not just “socially” drinking

20. Writing lists for every aspect of your life