Baby Spice Emma Bunton has written a mum bible for new parents

Who would have thought all those years ago while we were jamming out to the Spice Girls, singing Wannabe at the top of our lungs, that one day our beloved Baby Spice would write a book about motherhood, now that she’s had a couple of babies of her own? It feels like a ‘full circle’ moment.

That’s right, Spice Girls star Emma Bunton has written her debut novel, titled, Mama You Got This, and it’s set to be released in just a few short months, on June 10.

What will it be about though? Well, according to The Bookseller, Mama You Got This is described as “a modern mum bible rich with relatable stories that will leave readers laughing, crying and feeling like whatever they are dealing with, they are not alone and there is help.”


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It’s said to be the parenting book which Emma wished she had read when she was a new mum herself. “Opening up and sharing my stories feels totally natural with all you mums who are going through the same experiences but all in our own unique way,” Emma noted when speaking to the publication.

“Becoming a mummy can be so daunting but we are in this together and we can support each other, don’t you worry, mama, you’ve got this!” she excitedly added.

Mum-of-two Emma Bunton entered the parenting world 13-years ago, when she gave birth to her first son, Beau, whom she shares with partner Jade Jones. She then gave birth to her second child, another boy named Tate, who is now nine-years-old.

The novel itself will cover the highs and lows of parenthood, from post-birth recovery to sleep deprivation, play time joy and first smiles. Not to mention that it will also be filled with expert tips from qualified professionals on everything and anything to do with sleeping, breastfeeding, weaning, crying, feeding, playing and self-care.

Emma Bunton’s debut novel Mama You Got This is published by Ebury Press and is set to be released on June 10. Although, you can preorder a copy here.