Awkward make-out session at the Emmy Awards!


Last night was a special night for Seinfeld fans as they got to see Tim Whatley and Elaine make-out again.

For those of use who didn’t watch Seinfeld, that means Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston totally macked on to Veep's Julia Louis-Dreyfus in major way!

The kiss came about after the two awarded Jim Parsons his Lead Actor Emmy where Bryan reminded Julia they "had a kissing scene" before, to which she looks a little confused. 


So, he decided to remind her…


In what we can only hope was a stunt for comedic effect, Bryan grabbed Julia as she made her way up on stage after winning an award and the two engaged in some, erm, affectionate behaviour.

Thankfully, Jimmy Fallon was on hand to ensure things didn't get out of hand and pull Julia up on stage to accept her award. 

Now the only thing standing in the way of this epic romance is their respective partners…