Aussie fitness ‘grammer sheds light on Instagram perfection vs reality

Instagram is flooded with images of airbrushed perfection, and while society is certainly waking up to the fact that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, there is still along way to go when it comes to celebrating beauty diversity. 

One Insta influencer who is helping the movement along is Ariella Nyssa, an Aussie-based beach babe whose feed is absolutely stunning.

Ariella recently uploaded an Instagram picture highlighting the differences between what we see as we scroll through our feed, and what's actually a reality. 


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'When I first saw the photo on the right I had negative thoughts almost straight away. “I’m not putting that photo up”' she wrote. 

'But when I compared these two pictures I realised just how important it is to post it. What you guys don’t see behind Instagram photos is the 300 other images that didn’t ‘make the cut’.'

'The in between shots where you test out different poses, angles and wait for the perfect lighting.'


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'The photo on the left I posed my body to an accurate degree to emphasise my body shape, the sun was out from a cloud and my body looks smoother.'

'The photo on the right is a natural stance, my posture is shocking and all of my lumps and bumps are out on display.'

'This is reality and I think it is so important to love these photos and love my body in ANY form, ANY lighting and ANY pose. So no I’m not going to delete this photo, im going to show off the things that make my body mine!'