Astounding details regarding Joan River’s will have been revealed.


It has been revealed today that Joan Rivers, the much-loved comedienne, who passed away last September has left her daughter Melissa a whopping 75 million dollars in cash. Further to this astounding sum, Melissa is due to inherit her late mother’s New York home, worth an estimated 35 million dollars.

The outrageous 81-year-old presenter of Fashion Police passed away last month from complications during surgery in a New York clinic, however the official cause of death was only released last week. Joan’s only daughter, Melissa Rivers, appeared alongside her mother in reality TV show Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? and their relationship always appeared genuine, sincere and relatable.

Forty-six-year-old Melissa read a note at her mother’s funeral which, in true Rivers style, had the congregation rolling in the aisles despite the sorrowful occasion. She concluded her eulogy with the words: “ I love having you live with me and I am grateful for every minute Cooper and I have with you. You are an inspiration.”

Cooper, Melissa’s 13-year old-son was also bequeathed a undisclosed sum of money by his world famous grandmother.